No paint.  No stain.  No hassles.  Our premium vinyl siding has the classic look of authentic wood siding.  Solid.  Tough.  Tornado-tested, double-thick nailing hem keeps siding in position, even during high wind situations.

All vinyl siding is the same, correct?  It always looks cheap, easily cracks and fades in the sun.  Not our siding. Quality Exteriors installs quality siding that will last.  Our wood grained panels have a lifetime limited warranty against cracking and fading.  Available in over 34 colors, schedule an estimate today!

  • Virgin vinyl
  • Premium 46mil thickness
  • Color through entire panel
  • Double-nail hem
  • 3/4 Locking Bolt
  • Premium 25’6″ long panels
  • Seamless installation

Our installation procedure:

  1. Foundation cap
  2. Super Tuff-R-Insulation
  3. Box-out utilities
  4. Brick-mold channel, wrap windows and doorframes
  5. Screw fasteners for soffit and fascia
  6. Designer breaks for a no-overlap install

Our siding delivers:

  • DURABILITY. We use siding designed to be durable and low-maintenance, while still making your home beautiful for years.
  • COLOR AND TEXTURE. Our siding features a realistic cedar grain pattern. We have 35 base colors to choose from, from rich, dark tones to brighter, airy colors.
  • NO PAINT, NO STAIN, NO HASSLE. Our vinyl siding never needs painting or staining; it will never crack, peel, flake or rot.
  • PEACE OF MIND. We provide a limited lifetime warranty. We’ve been around long enough and stand by all our products.

Siding FAQs

Q: What are the grades of Vinyl Siding?
A: ECONOMY Vinyl Siding (less than 40 mils); MEDIUM Vinyl Siding (40 mils to 44 mils); PREMIUM Vinyl Siding (46 mils and greater)

Q: What Vinyl Mfg. Do You Use?
A: Mastic, Alcoa, Wolverine Tech, Certainteed , Norandex

Q: What are the two main types of siding?
A: Box Siding: 12’ to 16’ lengths
Seamless Siding: 25” and greater

Q: Do you Insulate before you side?
A: YES!! We use Structure Iso Poly Insulation

Q: What are the thicknesses of Insulation?
A: ½ inch x ¾ inch x 1 inch

Q: Are Insulation Panels with a Reflective Surface better than those that don’t?
A: YES! Reflective Surfaces Redirect Radiant Heat

Q: How do you WRAP your Windows and Door Frames?
A: We custom bend a special wrap, called a Channel Wrap

Q: Is a Channel Wrap better than “J” Channel?
A: YES!! Wrap and Receiver Pocket custom bent in one piece

Q: How many Vinyl Siding Colors are there?
A: Approximately 16 different colors

Q: What are the different siding profiles?
A: Triple 3” Clap Board, Double 4” Clap Board, 4 ½ “ Dutch Lap, 5” Dutch Lap

Q: What is the most popular profile?
A: Dutch Lap – They last 5 years

Q: What type of Soffit do you use?
A: Premium Triple 4” Aluminum Pannels

Q: How do you fasten your Soffit Pannels?
A: We screw our pannels – NEVER STAPLE

Q: What is your Fascia made from?
A: Premium Aluminum

Q: Do you custom bend your Fascia?

Q: How do you install your Fascia?
A: Combination of Zip Screws and Trim Nails

Q: How do you work around utilities?
A: We box out around all utilities and use maintenance free accessories such as dryer vents, split mini’s and light blocks.

Q: How do you seal off the bottom of the house?
A: We install a Foundation Cap