Not all roofing companies are the same.  Less expensive, fly-by-night companies pop up all the time out there, and go out of business almost as fast as they appear.  In this constantly changing world, who do you depend on?

Since 1997, we at Quality Exteriors have been serving the home improvement needs of residents in and around the Lincoln, Nebraska area.  As a company the quality of our work is the most important sales tool we use.

If you would like more information about us and would like a free estimate, fill out our estimate form and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will get in touch with you for an appointment.

Quality Exteriors uses:

  • Only legal workers
  • Dump trailers and not roll-offs to protect your property
  • Ice Guard starter course and valleys on all jobs
  • Shingle-mate felt
  • Colored metal accessories
  • Only premium, name-brand shingles:
    • Tamko
    • Gaf-Elk
    • Malarkey

Good shingles:

  • Profiled shingle to give your roof the look of depth
  • Self-sealing asphalt strip to improve wind resistance
  • Fiberglass mat for strength and protection from the elements
  • A weathering-grade asphalt coating to keep moisture off of your roof sheeting
  • Random saw-tooth design to eliminating “zipper” patterns in roofs

Roofing FAQs:

Q: What shingle mfg’s do you use?
A: Malarkey, Tamko, Iko, GAF ELK

Q: What types of Shingles do you use?
A: Traditional Asphalt Fiberglass Blend and SBS Rubber

Q: What are the different types of shingles?
A: 3-Tab, Architectural, Heritage, Shake

Q: What type of Shingle do you use?
A: Architectural & Heritage

Q: Do you use Ice and Water Sheild?

Q: Do you install metal accessories?
A: YES! Always colored accessories

Q: Do you use a local and legal work force?

Q: Do you use Dump Trailers or Rolloff Dumpsters?
A: Dump Trailers

Q: Do you CLEAN UP after every roof job?