Have an older home that needs a little sprucing up?  Maybe need a little better energy efficiency in your house, something to combat those random cold drafts in the winter?

Quality Exteriors can give you a bid to replace the old, worn-out windows in your home with brand-new energy efficient vinyl replacement windows.  Using fusion-welded frames and insulated window chambers, our windows are maintenance free and never need painting.  Aluminum screen frames with fiberglass mesh screens & dual weather stripping keep the elements where they need to be, inside or out.

Contact us for a free in-home proposal.  We’ll come out to your home & show you how our replacement windows can help you save!

  • Virgin vinyl
  • Multi-chambered frames (for strength)
  • Insulated, foam-filled frames
  • Custom sizes
  • Double or triple insulated glass
  • Window types:
    • Double hung
    • Slider
    • Casement
    • Hoppers
    • Awning
    • Bay

Our Kensington HPP window is an advanced insulating glass package that features cutting edge energy efficient technologies.Kensington HPP uniquely designs its windows with glass packages that are optimized to the overall performance of the window for your particular climate.  This allows us to deliver the most energy efficient windows on the market.   “Why?” you ask….

  1. Our vinyl frames are virtually maintenance free and made from extruded vinyl offering greater durability, strength, thermal insulation, and corrosion resistance than traditional aluminum frames.
  2. Inert Argon or Krypton gas is filled in each glass unit cavity.  These harmless gases provide superior insulating capability.
  3. Suspended coated film glass packages exceed ALL of the insulation characteristics of triple pane glass without any of the design limitations and weight issues typical of triple-pane glass systems.
  4. Low-E glass coatings are applied to the film and/or glass to keep winter warmth in and summer heat out.
  5. Kensington HPP 501 Series features a warm edge spacer system that reduces condensation and improves thermal efficiency.
  6. The combination of thermal coatings, suspended coated film, insulating gases and a warm edge spacer system create a unique high performing glass package for your specific climate!

Window buying guide:

  • Educate yourself! The more you know, the better the decisions you can make. Ordering new replacement windows for your home is a huge investment. Know what the options are and work with a reputable company who can explain your choices to you.
  • Know the type of vinyl in your windows. Windows that have frames and sashes that are solidly built with the best materials will help with energy efficiency and keep the low-maintenance promise.
  • Choose a contractor who is able to get the best fitting windows possible. Custom sizes are the best to work with when it comes to replacement windows. Installation will be faster and no modifications to the interior of the home will be necessary. Plus, the better the fit, the less likely for air leaks!
  • Replacement windows have so many options to help spruce up your home. So many styles, shapes and colors are now available for you to choose from. You can enhance your home’s curb appeal and give it a fresh, new look!
  • Check for Energy Star qualified windows. These windows have passed government standards for energy efficiency and will save you money and provide greater comfort in your home.

Windows & Doors FAQs:

Q: What are the different types of windows made of?
A: Vinyl, wood, fiberglass and composite

Q: What are the different styles of windows?
A: Double Hung, Sliders, Casements, Bays & Bows, Hoppers, Garden windows

Q: What is the Mfg of your windows?
A: Kensington High Performing Products

Q: What are they made of?
A: Multi-Chambered Vinyl

Q: Are your Vinyl Frames Insulated or Hollow?
A: Insulated

Q: What is the warranty on Kensington HPP Windows?
A: Mfg Limited Lifetime on the entire window!

Q: What glass packs are offered on Kensington HPP Windows?
A: 7/8 Double IG Glass with Lo-E Argon Gas or 7/8 Triple IG Glass with Lo-E, Heat Mirror & Krypton Gas

Q: What is the R-Value on the Glass Packs?
A: R-4.5 on 7/8 Double IG with Lo-E and Argon; R-9.1 on 7/8 Triple IG with Lo-E and Heat Mirror and Krypton Gas

Q: Who are your main competitors?
A: Pella, Bristol, Anderson, Marvin

Q: Who’s windows do you replace the most of?
A: Pella and Anderson

Q: Are your windows sizes Standard or Custom?

Q: Can you get a wood grain finish on your Vinyl Windows?
A: YES! We have 3 wood grain Interior finishes available: Light Oak, Pecan, Cherry

Q: Can you apply a custom exterior color on your windows?

Q: What are the doors made of?
A: Steel, Wood, Fiberglass, Vinyl

Q: What doors do you install and sell?
A: Fiberglass & Vinyl

Q: Can you customize an entry door?
A: YES! We can custom paint and stain the entry door. We can also custom size the jam.

Q: What Mfg. of doors do you use?
A: Provia, Beyer Built, Wausau, Kensington

Q: Can you install decorative glass?
A: YES! There are many glass packs to choose from

Q: Do your doors have deadbolts or locks?